Riverside Cemetery A 36 Acre Urban Forest

Martin Begnal, president of the Friends of Riverside, joins Jennie and Dianne to share the stories of several Riverside residents, as well as his own very special familial connection that dates back almost to the beginning of the cemetery. Learn about Carrie Welton, a pioneer woman who lived and died by her own rules, an enslaved man named Fortune, whose life after death took many extraordinary turns, and much more.


About The Ordinary, Extraordinary Cemetery Podcast

The Ordinary, Extraordinary Cemetery is a podcast for cemetery lovers, preservers, and even those who’ve never walked among the graves. Hosts Jennie and Dianne Hartshorn explore old cemeteries and learn the stories of those buried within their walls. After all, every death had a life, and every life had a story.


496 Riverside Street

Waterbury, CT 06708

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