Riverside Cemetery A 36 Acre Urban Forest

Repairs to the front gates were recently completed and we have to say — they look great!

A crew from Rockwell Restoration of Plainville did the masonry work on the pillars and James Blazy of Blazy’s MetalCraft in Watertown did the iron work. Both firms did excellent work.

The gates were pulling away from the pillars mostly due to gravity and age. In some spots stones were knocked loose after being struck by vehicles.

Rockwell took the damaged pillar completely apart and rebuilt it from the ground up. Repair and repointing work was completed to the other pillars.

Blazy’s straightened the gates, rebuilt the pins to reconnect it the pillar and gave it a good scrap and painting.

Friends of Riverside Cemetery wants to thank all of our supporters who help us maintain the beauty of Riverside Cemetery, a National Historic Site.


496 Riverside Street

Waterbury, CT 06708

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