Aaron Benedict

August 9, 1785 – February 9, 1873

Aaron Benedict started his career in the manufacture of gilt buttons.

In 1834, he formed the firm of Benedict and Burnham, known for the production of brass and copper. Many companies were launched by Benedict and Burnham including the American Pin Company, Waterbury Button Company, the Waterbury Watch Company, and the Waterbury Clock Company.

The Waterbury Clock Co. (later U. S. Time and then Timex) developed into the largest manufacturer of wristwatches in the world.

For many years, Benedict also served in the Connecticut State Legislature and Senate.


Spouse: Charlotte Porter Benedict (1789–1870)

Children: Charlotte Ann Benedict Buckingham (1810–1887), Frances Jennett Benedict (1812–1830), George W Benedict (1814–1862), Charles Benedict (1817–1881), Mary L Benedict Mitchell (1819–1911)

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